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Co-founder and CEO

Carrie Bentley

Carrie Bentley has spent her career in the energy industry across the ISO/RTO markets. Ms. Bentley currently provides analysis and strategic support on “all things California ISO,” including transmission, interconnection, capacity, storage assets, and the energy markets. 


Co-founder and Head of Analysis

Kallie Wells

Kallie Wells has over a decade of experience in the energy industry, focusing primarily on the western markets and ISO New England. Ms. Wells is a data devotee, providing analysis and conducting modeling efforts to inform clients’ business making decisions ranging from asset procurement to participation in the California energy markets. 


Senior Consultant and Interconnection Specialist

Raeann Quadro

Raeann Quadro is a California ISO generator interconnection expert and assists clients by providing specific strategic analysis to complex project challenges.

Business Graphs


Steven Zajec

Steven is an economics major who has joined us from UC Davis. We are excited to jumpstart his energy career!

Business Graphs


Natalie Bradburn

Natalie is invaluable to our team and helps keep our books, invoices, and clients organized. 

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