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This annual report forecasts a 10-year look out of system RA prices, supply and demand conditions, and examines protential shocks to market and policy risk.


Gridwell Guide - CAISO Cost Cap

Our one page cheat sheet explains when Scheduling Coordinators can bid up to $2,000 and when market prices are allowed to exceed $1,000.

Storage and Hybrid Seminar

This is our most popular seminar and is intended for companies that are involved in energy storage or hybrid battery bidding strategy.



Gridwell Guide - RA Program

This is a two-page cheat sheet of the RA program with links to important information related to resource counting, requirements, and import rules. 

Interconnection Seminar

This is seminar covers the entire Interconnection Process at the California ISO.

Gridwell Internship Guide

This guide is for managers who want  to jumpstart their remote or hybrid interns learning and experience in the field of energy.  


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