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Join the CAISO Committee

Gridwell runs a California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Committee through the Western Power Trading Forum (WPTF). WPTF is a non-profit company focused on western energy markets. The CAISO committee was the first committee created by WPTF and has been going strong for over 10 years. Providing both information  and advocacy, the CAISO Committee supports its members and the wider stakeholder community.

By attending stakeholder meetings and submitting comments, the CAISO Committee participates in all market-related CAISO stakeholder initiatives. The committee also takes advantage of the CAISO Board's comment processes, and actively participates in all Energy Imbalance Market and Extended Day-Ahead Market initiatives. Committee advocacy also occurs through one-one-one meetings with the CAISO staff and management, and through coalitions built between WPTF and other market sectors and consortia.

The WPTF CAISO Committee has earned its reputation as a credible, thoughtful, and active participant. The CAISO values the committee's input, in particular because the breadth of WPTF membership results in committee proposals that are balanced and robust.

Examples of where the CAISO Committee has been effective are numerous—below are some highlights:.

  • Thanks to the CAISO Committee's advocacy, the CAISO initiated the Market Performance and Planning Forum to support in-depth discussions of issues that cross policy and market performance topics.

  • The CAISO Committee has been a key voice against the CAISO implementing a System Market Power mechanism without strong analytical support that such a mechanism is needed.

  • Provided a presentation to the CAISO Board and Governing Body on the day-ahead market enhancements (DAME). 

The CAISO Committee coordinates closely with WPTF's other committees. For example, it works with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Committee to ensure that GHG market design results in workable CAISO energy markets. In addition, the CAISO Committee works with the Wider West Committee on EIM and EDAM and with WPTF's activities at the California Public Utilities Commission regarding resource adequacy and utility procurement.


We provide a monthly summary and call on current policy initiatives as well as any important CAISO meetings and reports. 


You'll get emails highlighting anything new or important that pops up- so you'll never be caught by surprise.


Impact policy and advocate through WPTF. Members can provide feedback to comments and positions. 


Members may call or email Gridwell consultants with any CAISO questions - we're here to help!


Contact Gridwell to get more information on the CAISO Committee. (But to answer your question - once you join WPTF - the committee is ~$1,000/month.)

Learn more information about the Western Power Trading Forum at their website at  

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