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Over-supply webinar

Gridwell Consulting and the Western Power Trading Forum occasionally will provide public webinars on key topics.  

Business Meeting

Hybrid battery storage report

Wellhead Electric asked Gridwell Consulting to independently evaluate greenhouse gas reduction and potential economic savings from converting existing peaker plants to hybrid battery storage resources. Our initial findings show significant benefits from hybrids and we're pleased to share the full report.  

hybrid plant

Energy Storage Enhancements

On behalf of WPTF, Gridwell presents on the importance of market rules adapting to storage resources unique characteristics. 


CPUC RA Reform

Gridwell consulting presents a new framework to further discussions on how to enhance California's system RA program.

Man holding magnifying glass and light bulb ,search of global show the world's consumption

California 2020 blackouts

Immediately after the August blackout, Gridwell put together an explanation of timeline and root causes of the blackout. Later, for WPTF, we provided additional explanation and recommendations for moving forward. Our work and data can be found here

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