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Our partners and analysts know the California ISO rules inside and out. We offer the following services related to market design and stakeholder support:

  • ISO/RTO market design support

  • Market rules training and seminars

  • Comment review and drafting

  • Interconnection process support

Market strategy and analysis

Gridwell provides market strategy and analysis on a variety of matters including:

Resource procurement and pricing

Our consultants are actively engaged in resource adequacy (RA) in California and have an unparalleled understanding of RA rules and their impact on an asset's market value. 


Gridwell believes that in a bilateral market structure, information is power. Therefore we maintain a proprietary and unequaled database on California capacity conditions. We use this to provide clients highly accurate forecasts of asset value and strategic advice on how to protect and increase this value. 

Contact us to learn how our services can give you an edge in today's competitive market.

Transmission planning and analysis

We partner with the best modelers across the country in order to provide clients advanced modeling combined with realistic assumptions and parameters. Frequently we combine modeling with our other services to help companies identify the best projects and then help them advocate to get them built. 


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